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En Route to Ancient Greece

A novel of war and honor in Ancient Greece.

Well, it's been a long time coming but my Ancient Greek epic Fortress of the Sun is nearing release. I had designs on putting it out this time last year, but suddenly felt the energy to give it one last top-to-bottom edit. Who knows how many edits that puts it up to. In any event, preorders should go live in the next month, with a target release by the end of the year. More updates to come on that, but I'm happy to announce that the first 30 pages or so are available for free download (PDF or Kindle) by moseying over to my sign-up page, available by clicking here (or just click on the "Contact and Free Books" button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen). Enjoy!

Side note: the book's cover--I'd say a 99% probability, anyway--is the image accompanying this post. Thoughts?

As I've mentioned a few times previously, historical fiction writing is in many respects a different animal than fantasy writing, and while enjoyable, I found it to be far more labor intensive than my published and unpublished fantasy works. I have follow-ups in the works for both genres, but it's more likely than not that that the first one or two will be in the fantasy genre.

Non-writing non sequitur #1: I'm liking Fargo the TV series. The word is that it really gets good in season 2, but season 1 has been terrific, IMO.

Non-writing non sequitur #2: Ken Burns' The Vietnam War documentary was incredible. I was late to the game in catching that, but it's every bit as amazing as his Civil War series.

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