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Learn about the path author E.M. Thomas took to arrive at the novels he's written.


It's hard to pinpoint just where and when my twin loves of history and world-building originated, but they surely coincided.  Perhaps it was the childhood strolls across sweltering Civil War battlefields with my parents, perhaps it was the 1,700-page Harper Encyclopedia of Military History that I stumbled upon in my teenage years, reading it 'til the cover lay in tatters.  Whenever it was and however it happened, I knew that I was hooked, an affinity strengthened upon traveling to the ruins of Rome and Greece, scaling the towers of Welsh castles, and hiking atop the Wall of Hadrian.  I was (and remain) especially struck by the concept and scale of ancient empires, the ferocity of their combat, the startling efficiency of kings and emperors in a time when communication was, at its best, as fast as a series of horses could go or boots could march.  

I've written two novels thus far, an epic fantasy with flavors of Late Imperial Rome (Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones, Book I: The Bulls of War) and a historical fiction about the ancient Battle of Corinth in 243 B.C. (Fortress of the Sun).  They entailed vastly different approaches, not the least of which being the substantial amount of research attendant to the latter, a process complicated by the limited (or lacking) primary source material.  Nonetheless, I am already hard at work preparing the next volumes of their respective sagas (in addition to creating entirely new ones).

To that end, you would be well served by signing up for my e-mail list in the form available by clicking here.  In addition to the latest news and updates about what I have in the works, you will also get a free sample of both The Bulls of War and Fortress of the Sun.  That sounds like a good deal to me, but I'm biased.

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