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Links to some of my favorite sites

Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire

Just a tremendous resource for anyone interested in maps, locations, or distances of the Ancient Roman world.

Perseus Digital Library

As the website describes itself - "Perseus Digital Library Project has explored what happens when libraries move online".  Maintains hundreds of searchable, ancient texts.

Its purpose is in the title!  Great reference point for finding a good historical fiction based upon the eras one is interested in.

Google Earth

I would be remiss not to plug Google Earth, the best way to travel to ancient ruins on a budget.  Beyond that, it provides an invaluable array of tools and features, such as 3D terrain, explorable cities, rulers for measuring distances in all systems, and many more. 

Kirkus Reviews

If you're like me, you enjoy the reviews of things as much as the things themselves.  Kirkus feeds the urge.

Fantasy Book Review

Another review site, although this one is dedicated to the fantasy genre.

Ancient Warfare Magazine

The only magazines of their kind that I am aware of.  Regardless, the beautiful illustrations in each issue are as valuable as their articles.

Roman Army Talk

Great forum site for all things Ancient Greece and Rome.

Steven Pressfield Online

Website and blog of Steven Pressfield, author of some of my favorite works of historical fiction - Gates of Fire and Tides of War first and foremost.


All-purpose fantasy news site with some vibrant forums to boot.

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

A good resource and general encyclopedia for all things Ancient Rome.

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