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FORTRESS OF THE SUN                

Fortress of the Sun Cover 3 (png).png
It’s 243 B.C. and Greece is ready for a revolution.


Eighty years have passed since the death of Alexander the Great, the man who first cowed free Hellas into submission.  His successors to the Macedonian throne have only tightened their grip in the interim, the present king no exception.  Spartan rebellions, opportunistic usurpers, foreign invaders – for nearly five decades, King Antigonus has seen them all and crushed them all.  He now stands alone astride Greece; he fears no one.


Aratus of Sicyon plans to change that.  With a passion for freedom and hatred for the King that stem from the same childhood tragedy, he takes aim at Macedon when no one else would dare; takes aim at its crown jewel in the south, the linchpin of its control, the very symbol of its domination – Corinth.  Hopelessly outfunded, outmanned, and outarmed, he embarks on one of the most audacious and stunning attacks in ancient history, one that would change Greece forever.

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