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Never Too Late for an Update

Electricity - not a technology you'll find in the Bulls of War.

Well, some would say I'm rather overdue for an update, so without further ado, here it is: things are continuing to truck along nicely on the Bulls front, even if they took a backseat for a bit while Fortress of the Sun matters progressed. I hope to announce good news on both ends in the near future, although the more immediate target is the release of the first short story in the Andervold world. For fans of Bulls, I think it will provide some neat context for a character or two that surely deserves it. I'm looking forward to sharing it; targeting July - perhaps a nice release for the one-year anniversary of its parent novel!

Speaking of July, Bulls will be going on sale again in the middle weeks of the month, first one since last fall. Be sure to check back for the specifics.


  • Latest TV interest is The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Never read the book, but the show is excellent. Great atmosphere, acting, you name it. Seems terrifyingly realistic at time. Highly recommended.

  • Latest read is The Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson. It's a staple of any Civil War buff's library, yet I'd somehow never taken the time to wade through its 900 pages. After about 400, however, I'm realizing what a disservice that was to myself. It's a good 300+ pages just to get to the start of the war, which surprised me somewhat, but the context is equally fascinating.

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