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The Bulls of War Shortlisted for an Award!

The Bulls of War is on the shortlist -- for the 2016 BookViral Awards!  Click here and vote!

Some exciting news that's sure to drive away your Monday blues - The Bulls of War has been shortlisted for an award! Specifically, the 2016 BookViral Book Award. You might recall their review of my novel from a few weeks ago (click here for a refresher); as it happens, that timing let it just sneak inside the deadline to be considered for the 2016 award (which closed 10/1/2016)! Winners are determined by a number of criteria, one of which is readership votes for the novel.

**Here's the ask: if you've read The Bulls of War and feel it's worth the praise, I would greatly appreciate you clicking on the screenshot above (or click here) and voting for The Bulls of War by clicking the "Vote" button beneath the book cover (located second row, second from the right, at least on my browser)!**

And if you're still on the fence about who to vote for in the Trump/Clinton election, but feel like you have to vote for something this fall, take solace in voting* for The Bulls of War (*again, if you've read it and feel it's deserving, of course)!

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