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Latest Bulls of War Review: 4/4 Stars!

4 stars out of 4 for The Bulls of War!

The Bulls of War picked up its latest review, which I'm happy to report is another good one - 4/4 stars from OnlineBookClub, in fact. One of my favorite snippets:

"This is a fantastic book. In the story, the author explores such powerful themes as love, war, justice, revenge, honor, trust, family, and loyalty and he does so with the utmost skill. One of the marks of great writing is to show and not tell, and the author does just that. He clearly conveys the fear, the anger, the pride, and the patriotism of the characters during the battle scenes, and in the heartfelt, emotional scenes between loved ones."

Click here to read the rest. The site has a very active and engaged membership, so poke around the forums afterwards too.

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