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A Bridge Too Far – The Bulls of War Hits a Wall at Number 2 on Amazon’s Best-seller List

The Bulls of War at the high-water mark on a few of Amazon's best-seller lists.  I'm not bitter it didn't grab No. 1, not at all.

Well, despite the best single day of sales that The Bulls of War has yet seen, it couldn’t quite get over the No. 2 hump to claim one of Amazon’s vaunted Best-seller tags. In hindsight, it really goes to show the vitality and strength of sales of the book in front of it, but in any event, I’m still pleased at hitting No. 2 for my first sales blitz – I say that through gritted teeth, of course, but I still say it! :-)

And a big thanks to all those who supported the push and followed along throughout; for those of you that gave it a read, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could leave a short review on the book's Amazon page - can't be said enough, reviews are the life blood of any author.

The next campaign on the horizon is a book blog tour starting October 31 and running through November 25. More to come on this, but at bottom, a blog tour is the same as a live bookstore tour, except it’s entirely virtual, with bookstores replaced by respected blogs. A lot of authors speak highly of it and it’s yet another mechanism to increase the book’s visibility, so I’m looking forward to it.

So between that and the new group of fantastic indie authors I recently began working with, the Bulls marketing saga marches on. Cheers!

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