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Kudos to Book Blogs

Books Bloggers + The Bulls of War = Big Thanks from E.M. Thomas (note, this site does not endorse whatever brand of beer this is...)

A toast to book bloggers, the unsung heroes of the publishing world...

Some quick notes this week as we gear up for the big promotional stretch next week...

Really enjoyed having the chance to appear for an interview on The Book’s the Thing blog today. Realizing the power of the blogging community and their unsung service to writers generally has been one of the biggest revelations I’ve had throughout this crazy process. Most of them are as passionate about reading and getting the word out there on books as the authors are about writing the material. The vast majority of book bloggers are so overrun with requests from writers that they’ve accumulated the equivalent of traditional publishing houses’ “slush piles”, but even so, just as many are more than willing to help in other ways. I have more interviews on the way, so I’ll take this time to tip my cap to the legion of book bloggers out there.

The reader reviews have continued trending positive, keeping steady at 4.5/5.0 on Amazon. I was also very pleased with my latest “formal” review, this one coming from BookViral – take a look here, which is also reproduced in full on my Bulls of War Amazon page. Humbled by the last line: “A deeply layered and exhilarating read that ensnares the imagination, The Bulls Of War proves a remarkable debut and is recommended without reservation.” Thanks! In any event, take a look around if you can, they run a great site with lots of informative articles and resources for my fellow writers.

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