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D-Day + 46 - News & Notes About The Bulls of War

D-Day + 46 - News & Notes About The Bulls of War

Most recent ad for E.M. Thomas's The Bulls of War!

(pictured above: my latest ad for The Bulls of War)

A few nits and notes to share in the world of (publishing) The Bulls of War:

  • I’m finalizing the production format for the audio version of the book, which has been a far more interesting process than I’d expected. Honestly, I’m fairly new to the world of audio books, so it’s been a learning experience on two fronts. I won’t spoil the surprise and share too much about the narrator, but I’ll leave it that it’s pretty awesome to hear your writing brought to life by such talented voice actors (makes me envision the TV/movie version that is just demanding to be made…). For those unfamiliar with the process, you simply upload a sample piece of text to ACX (the company I’m using for the audio conversion), then the auditioning readers upload their sample reads of that text; within a couple days of uploading, I had ten auditions with solicitations from several others!

  • In other news, I’m running my first promotion through Amazon during the week of 9/21-27. So far I have over 30 sites lined up to help get the word out, so my hopes are high; the goal is to take a No. 1 slot, or at the very least return to an Amazon Top 10 list. Bulls has fluctuated among the top-teens to top-50 since peaking last week.

  • Next month brings the start of my book blog tour, which for the uninitiated is essentially the equivalent of an in-person bookstore tour, just in blog form. Should be a couple dozen blogs with varying degrees of interviews, reviews, and giveaways, so I’m looking forward to it. The in-person appearances and other local press are in the works too, but no firm dates yet. Once there are, you will be the first to know!

More to come!

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