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A Brief History of the Rokhs

Pre-800 Ante-Cataclysm* (“A.C.”) – Settlement of the “Early Kings” (non-Rokhish peoples such as Kylics, Clyvics, Grynics, etc.) in lush grasslands of modern-day Upper and Lower Rokhlands.

~800-200 A.C. – Arokhs and Karrokhs migrate from mountains, colonize non-Early lands along Astoren and Karanak foothills respectively and River Clyves.  Marvelon founded ~625 A.C., quickly becomes first great Arokhish city, rivalling Early King splendor.  Dray’gon Rokh founded 750 A.C., more typical of Arokhish settlements: small and poor but with tough walls.


~200-1 A.C. – Clannic invasions sweep Andervold; Clannic annihilation of most Early Kingdoms; Loccycs, Kylics and Clyvics in Upper Rokhlands and Grynics in Lower Rokhlands submit to vassalage in lieu of Clannic destruction.  Arokhish pleas to Valogar for assistance go unanswered.

55 A.C. – Marvelon sacked.  Lower Rokhlands fall entirely under Clannic control.


55 A.C.-56 P.C. – Time of Severance between Upper and Lower Rokhlands.


24 A.C. – Clans complete construction of the Tersic Pass, forging the Clyves.


Cataclysm – Shattering of Clannic Army at the Last Stand of Dray’gon Rokh.


1-33 P.C. – Cassyan Wars of Reconquest in the Upper Rokhlands.  In recognition of Last Stand victory, Cassyus named “Khorokh”, or First Among the Rokhs.


1-14 P.C. – Cassyus campaigns along the Astoren foothills, freeing Arokhish settlements from Clannic garrisons.  All cities but Fyrogon form an Arokhish union; Fyrogon allies, but doesn’t join the union.


1-19 P.C. – “Unholy Alliance” of Clannic chieftains, Early Kingsmen, and Anti-Cassyan Arokhish Nobles fill void of collapsing Clannic control, using Ambelfeld as Capital.


1-27 P.C. – Kylic and Clyvic Early Kings consolidate kingdoms around their respective rivers.


1-30 P.C. – Expansion of Baralesh and Corulesh desert tribes into southwestern Upper Rokhlands


1-56 P.C. – Lower Rokhlands still utterly and completely controlled by rival Clannic fiefdoms.


1-73 P.C. – Tarragani and Naddatu, two primary Karrokh Kings, expand realms in Karanak foothills.


3 P.C. – First Lorrio named.


02/15/19 P.C. – Cassyus’s union smashes Unholy Alliance at the Battle of Ambelfeld.


19-27 P.C. – Cassyus battles Kylic and Clyvic kingdoms, conquering the Kylics in 25 P.C. at the Battle of the Marshes, and conquering the Clyvics in 27 P.C. at Ullenhal.


27-30 P.C. – Punitive Cassyan campaigns against Desertmen pushes them back to the Skulls Desert.  All lands between Rivers Kyles and Clyves in Cassyan hands.


30-33 P.C. – Initial Cassyan campaigns into Lower Rokhlands.  Takes the Tersic Pass with rebel Lowland assistance in 32 P.C., but passes away in 33 P.C. while planning campaign to free Marvelon.  Lorrion Marcellius I named Khorokh.


33-41 P.C. – Clans in Lower Rokhlands recover from Cassyan campaign, confine Arokhs to the Tersic Pass.  Punitive massacre of rebellious Lowland garrison pushes Fyrogon to formally join the Arokhish union.


41-56 P.C. – Khorokh Marcellius launches brutal, bloody series of campaigns to free fortified Marvelon, finally liberating the city in 56 P.C.  Arokhish troop numbers swell.


56-66 P.C. - Marcellian campaigns to topple remaining Clannic Lowland kingdoms interrupted upon his death in 59 P.C., picked up by Khorokh Pistoniux.  Lowlands entirely liberated by 66 P.C.


66-73 P.C. – Khorokh Pistoniux campaigns against remaining Clannic fiefdoms north of the Kyles.  Offers alliance with Naddatu’s Karrokhs, but fearing Dray’gon Rokh’s rising power, Karrokhs secretly ally with Clannic chief instead.  While Khorokh Pistoniux campaigns against Upland Clans, Naddatu Karrokhs ride their giant horned cavalry up to walls of Dray’gon Rokh.  Khorokh Pistoniux dies in desperate fight to save the city from sacking. 


73-74 P.C. - Jatrius named Khorokh, immediately launches punitive raids across Naddatu realm, torching croplands, even while Clannic armies besiege the hallowed city of Kyles.  Despite aid sent from Tarragani Karrokhs, starving Naddatu Karrokhs easily conquered thereafter.


75-80 P.C. – Jatrius refuses to aid sparsely rebuilt Kyles, instead marching directly on Clannic fortress.  Clannic garrison escapes to make a lightning last-ditch raid on Dray’gon Rokh.  Clans force their way into Capital sewers before being stopped and defeated.


81-91 P.C. – The final Campaigns of Unity.  Tarragani offers to help break last Clannic fiefdom on the Dead Plains, in exchange for independence and some absorption of former Naddatu lands.  Arokhs agree, conduct lengthy campaign against elusive Clan, and finally execute last Clannic chieftain in 90 P.C.  Jatrius, however refuses to honor agreement with Tarragani, instead sacking Tarragani’s capital upon being invited for review of its defenses.  Jatrius saw sacking as punishment for Tarragani’s earlier aid of Naddatu and general refusal to ally with the Arokhs against the Clans.  All Karrokh lands absorbed into Arokhish dominion; Arokhs subsequently referred to simply as “Rokhs”. 


91-early 300s P.C. – Dead Plains lightly populated, left as a buffer should Clans return.


105-108 P.C. – Marvelon threatens to secede; Grynean boycott of the Lorrio.


105-108 P.C. – Time of the Mad Khorokhs of Loccea.


130-141 P.C. – First Lords’ Rebellion.  Talk of Marvelonian secession renewed, but ultimately amounts to nothing.


175 P.C. – Peaceful absorption of Mesan tribes; foundation of the Rokhish Converge.


180 P.C. – Foundation of Avergon.


197-203 P.C. – Conquest of Valogar.


203-213 P.C. – Continued Skirmishes along Borderlands with Colvery


219-222 P.C. – Second Lords’ Rebellion.


225-237 P.C. – War against united Desert Tribes, the Last Rising of the Terelesh; Death of Khorokh Glabulux following battlefield defeat against Terelesh in 235 P.C.


235-236 P.C. – The Khorian Crisis or Year of the Five Khorokhs.  All dyrons except First and Second refuse to acknowledge Lorrion Idius, Glabulux’s chosen successor, due to Glabulux’s shame in fleeing the battlefield against the Terelesh.  Third through Ninth support Lorrion Cespius as heir, while Rubitio back Lorrion Ladinax.  Lorrion Lexandrius mediates a peace where Idius, Cespius, and Ladinax are withdrawn as nominees, and Lexandrius takes the throne.


237-321 P.C. – The Time of Great Peace.


300s-Present – Settlement on the Dead Plains increases and encouraged.


321-326 P.C. – Expansion into Raiz Jungle to Anonga River.


329-331 P.C. – Third Lords’ Rebellion


333 P.C. – Rynsyus becomes Lorrion.


337-347 P.C. – Assassination of Lij Andran XVII; First Uprising of the Valogarians


348 P.C. – Death of Emperor Terrius.  Beginning of Rynsyus’s reign

350-Present – Raizana revolts begin.  Continue sporadically to present day.


351-352 P.C. – Fourth Lords’ Rebellion.


360 P.C. – Torrus’s Massacre, start of Second Uprising of the Valogarians.


360-381 P.C. – Second Valogarian Uprising.


360-61 P.C. – Fifth Lords’ Rebellion.


373 P.C. – Rynsyan “Policy of Peace” Announced.


381 P.C. – Final Rokhish troops withdrawn from Valogar.


* - most records, if any, destroyed in Clannic invasions, so dates A.C. are mere estimates.

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