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A Brief History of the Khorian Line



House Seat: Ryvollium. 


After the Lowlands fell under Clannic domination in 55 A.C., Rokhish strategy in the southern Uplands had been to destroy all bridges over the Clyves and line the banks with forts to prevent a forded crossing.  The plan was foiled by the tenacity and ingenuity of Clannic engineers, who thereabout built the foundations of the Tersic Pass over an unguarded portion of the River deemed too turbulent to tame.  Following completion, Cassyus’s forts were systematically destroyed.  The Rynsid hometown in Ryvollium was founded upon the wreckage of one of these forts, shortly after Khorokh Jatrius the Conqueror unified the Uplands.

At the time of Khorokh Rynsyus’s appointment to the Lorrio in 333 P.C., Ryvollium – like most of Clyvea Province’s cities – was fiercely hawkish, a philosophy Rynsyus himself readily embraced until well into his second decade on the throne. 


Khorokh Rynsyus names no surviving siblings.  He names three daughters as direct heirs; his two sons he declares estranged.  He survives his first and second wives, Halia and Kolia, seven siblings, and two daughters.

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