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A Record of the 101st Lorrio

(circa 383 P.C.)

A Brief History of the 101st Lorrio's Lines


House Seat: Antillion. 


Like many of the towns in Kylea province, the town of Antillion was founded by Rokhs settling the lands formerly ruled by the Kylic Early Kings.  Nestled securely on a hill overlooking the River Kylic, the settlement quickly grew under the stewardship of the Antinid Ruhls. 


Lorrion Antinax takes no wife and names no direct heirs.  He survives his parents, six siblings, and eight nephews.  He is in fact the last of his branch of the Antinid line.



House Seat: Woligon


Formerly Wol’Rokh, Woligon was one of Dray’gon Rokh’s original allies, bound by blood oaths to defend the other against the Clans.  The original town of Wol’Rokh was burned after its inhabitants fled en masse to join the Last Stand at Dray’gon Rokh.  Following Cataclysm, the town was refounded as Woligon in honor of the Wollid Ruhls.   It grew to only moderate size due to its poor soil, but maintains substantial wealth from its nearby copper and gold deposits.

Lorrion Wollia names one brother and five sisters.  She survives her husband Potrilus and names sons Wollus, Woltiux, and daughters Wolphia, Wolsia as direct heirs.  She survives her parents and one of seven siblings.




House Seat: Brium


Brium is the second – and sole surviving – town of the Barrid lines.  A schism between the Ruhls of the original Barrid town of Barristogon led to Brium’s founding and the subsequent decline and extinction of Barristogon.  Similar to most of the towns of Astorea province, Brium is largely a servicing satellite of the city of Fyrogon and its massive iron industry. 


Lorrion Barannus (II) names two brothers and a sister as siblings.  He remains wedded to Nirra and names son Barannus III and daughter Barda as direct heirs.  His father Barannus I and mother Hygha reside in Brium.




House Seat: Volinium


Volinium was founded in the years following the Uplands unification, located in Loccea Province, former stronghold of the Loccean Early Kings.  Built to be a pure Rokhish sister city to the conquered Loccyc castle of Leeshyn, its importance and size grew with each Lords’ Rebellion.  Primarily an armory city now.

Lorrion Volinex names seven brothers and four sisters as siblings, of which he is the youngest.  He remains unmarried and names no direct heirs.  He names fourteen nephews and eleven nieces as indirect heirs.  He survives his parents and four brothers.




House Seat: Onerium


Onerium was founded on the northern side of the Clyves to be a counterweight to the growing might of Tersiton, who was located south of the Clyves but controlled the Tersic Pass.  The experiment was a failure in the influential sense, but the Onzid Ruhls gained substantial wealth nonetheless – though always secondary to that of Tersiton.


Lorrion Onzero names one sister as sibling.  He survives his wife Villinia and names no direct heirs.  He names seven nephews and three nieces as indirect heirs.  He survives his parents, seven sons, and two daughters.




House Seat: Marvelon


One of the few families to escape ancient and mighty Marvelon’s sacking by the Clans, the Desirids returned to their home city following its liberation in 56 P.C.  Prior to its destruction, Marvelon had grown to become the de facto ‘capital’ of the disparate Rokh settlements, a city of silver that rivalled the splendor of the Early Kings, including the nearby Grynic realm.  As a result, it bore the full brunt of the Clannic waves. 


Lorrion Desiria names four brothers and four sisters as siblings.  She remains wedded to her second husband, Quilliux, and names daughter Desiria the Younger as direct heir.  She survives her mother while her father resides in Marvelon.





House Seat: Tetrogon


Tetrogon was founded by the Tessid ruhls shortly after Upland unification under Khorokh Jatrius, just north of the bluffs of what would become The Converge.  It remained a rather sleepy and nondescript village until the foundation of The Converge in 175 P.C., after which it reaped massive benefit from its proximity.  Positioning itself as a supply, feeder, and inn town to the trading goliath in The Converge, the Tessid lines would see levels of prosperity unknown in their history.


Lorrion Tessax names no surviving siblings.  He survives his wife Cria and names son Testox as his direct heir.  He survives his parents, eleven siblings, four sons, and three daughters.



House Seat: Holliton


The Holioids founded Holliton following the liberation of the Rokhish Lowlands by Khorokh Pistoniux.  Seeking to form a string of outposts as a bulwark against a renewed Clannic invasion from the southwest, the Khorokh himself ordered its settlement, although a village steadily grew around the outpost.  Its importance faded as Avergon rose in prominence, and today its prestige likely outpaces its actual relevance.

Lorrion Holiokus names two brothers and three sisters as siblings.  He survives his wife and names sons Holiox and Holtivux as direct heirs.  He survives his parents, one daughter, and two brothers.




House Seat: Cassitigon


Cassitigon, formerly Cas’Rokh, was both the youngest and the southernmost Rokhish settlement at the time of the Clannic invasions.  Situated on the Splintered Shoals of the Ratikan coastline, it fell to the Clans along with friendly Valogarian settlements in the same area.  One of the only families to survive the trek all the way to Dray’gon Rokh, the Castids returned with a vengeance with the Khorokh Pistoniux’s army to liberate what is now Morremea Province in the Lowlands.  Refounded as Cassitigon, the town surged in wealth and prestige as the preeminent trading and fishing port on the Ratikan Coast. 


Lorrion Castus names four brothers and three sisters as siblings.  He takes no wife and names no direct heirs.  He names seven nephews and nine nieces as indirect heirs.  He survives his parents and one sister.

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